Calling: Creepy, but beautiful fire artist.
Nature: Rogue
Pantheon: Rus
God: Krsnik


Strength 2
Dexterity 4 + 2 epic
Stamina 1
Charisma 1
Manipulation 5 + 1 epic
Appearance 4
Perception 4 + 1 epic
Intelligence 5 + 1 epic
Wits 4


Animal Ken ability got from my father (or something, don’t know how its called)
Art- Acting 2
Awareness 3
Brawl 1
Command 3
Control- Automobile 2
Fortitude 1
Investigation 3
Larceny 3
Marksmanship ability got from my father
Medicine ability got from my father
Malee 3 + ability got from my father
Occult ability got from my father
Presence 3
Stealth 4
Survival 3
Thrown 4


Necklace 2
Hell hounds 3
Shadow relic throwing dagger 2


6 6+1 3L – 10

Relic dagger SPD ACC DMG DEF RNG


Fire Immunity
Bolster fire
Night eyes
Shadow mask


Untouchable opponent
Takes one to know one
Spatial attunement
Fight with your head
Lightning sprinter


Courage 1
Endurance 1
Expression 1
Valor 1




Dodge DV: 6
Parry DV: ?
Join battle: ?


B 1 L 1 A 0


Move 4, Dash 10, Jump 1








Total 2



The first thing I remember, was horrible headache, even though my eyes were still closed, I could see the brightness of the day through my heavy eyelids. Suddenly, I heard a voice of a man, arriving from somewhere far away, but getting closer and closer with every second. Opening my eyes was not so easy, because I was suddenly blinded by the light. When I got more used to it, I saw the outline of a man, who was bending over me and trying to wake me up. I could see nothing more, but a black silhouette surrounded by rays of light. As soon as he realized that I was not dead, I saw him leaving. There was not enough strength in me at that moment to talk. I tried to shout something after him, asking for some help, but the only sound that left my throat was a miserable squeak.
Few more minutes had to pass, until I realized, that I was sitting on the ground of some little dirty street, where no people would have a reason to go.

I wonder how long have I been here?

I looked around trying to understand where I was, to find something familiar, something that I recognize. All I have seen was a dirty brick wall on the other side of the passage, covered in spider web and moss, trash and an ugly, old green door, which led, God knows where.
I began to realize, that I had to start doing something, because the idea of sitting in this dirty place for longer, wasn’t quite acceptable to me.
When I got up on my feet, something struck me.

Who am I? Where am I? What is my name? What is happening?

I felt panic, this was an unusual and frightening feeling. Something I have never felt before, or, at least I don’t remember. My feet grew into the ground and I couldnt move. Emptiness and fear took over my body and I could do nothing about it.
When the panic passed and I could start thinking properly, I realized how thirsty I was. I had to get something to drink. Seeing shiny can of Coca Cola was a life saving experience, but unfortunately, when I reached for it, I realized that it was empty.

At least I still recognize the brands… – I thought, with some sign of dark humor.

Then, I looked at that ugly, rusty door again.

There should be something inside there. I should take a look. – I thought.

When I pressed and pulled the handle I could see the door was open, but since it was so rusty, it was very hard to open it, at least in my condition.
I entered some room, which was very dim, red color was dominating the place, red couch, red carped, red walls. I could probably associate it with a resting room of some cheap drinking club.
Even though these things ran through my head when I was glancing around the room in search for water. I knew what I still need. When I located the tap, I threw myself on it, as someone who just returned from a week long crawling in the desert.
Heavily breathing I sat next to the tap, suddenly realizing that there was no one in the room, which I found delightful. Really didn’t feel like company, yet.
After some time of resting I decided to look around, to see where I was.

Maybe it is even my apartment… Nah, I am sure I have a better taste. = I thought.

I opened another door, which led to some sort of small stage. I could see some tables, some chairs, a bar. Everything looked broken and abandoned.
I felt glad I havent met anyone here and suddenly very, very exhausted.

I need to take a nap.

That red couch looked pretty awful, but I was not in a situation to chose.

To be continued…


First Snow Tetyana