First Snow


Session 1-3

I think I just got lucky, or at least as lucky you can consider yourself to be when you suddenly realize a fucking werewolf is trying to gnaw your arm off. That’s what you get for messing with the Norns I guess. I had almost given up the search thinking that this place was a dud, and then all of a sudden the entire park turned into a bloodbath!

I was trying to think of a good way to be somewhere else very fast when someone flung a fireball right over my head. A man built like a cement truck, some sort of firedeamon of a woman and a man reeking of death and carrying a freaking showel crashed through the scene with about the same subtlety as Thor the god of thunder riding his chariot through a china shop. Fate can be a subtle think sometimes. Other times? Not so much.

They didn’t notice me, but then again not being noticed unless I want to is kind of my thing. So I followed them around, I needed to make sure they weren’t just a bunch of bumbling idiots. Or at least that they where bumbling idiots that could be controlled. Wasn’t all that impressed at first, but anyone who simply walks up to Lycaon for a chat at least has balls. That guy is almost as old as me, and a hell of a lot scarier.

They solved the werewolf problem, killed them all off in a bet with the Old Wolf. Not really how I would have solved it, but considering I can’t throw fire or uproot entire trees that’s not so surprising. They know how to act and they have some interesting friends. I think they just might work.

They have to; we don’t have much time left.



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