First Snow

Part 1 - When the Cat is Away

Session 4

What in the name of Muspelheim itself is Loki doing here? Damn, I don’t even know if this is good news or if I should if I should just cut my losses and run.

I want to say it’s just another one of his plots, one that happened to involve these people by sheer coincidence. Getting them to steal the Brísingamen for him, smooth. Wouldn’t leave a trace back to him in the terra incognita or anything. Sure they would point the finger, but with the Brísingamen in hand he could lie himself out of anything. It was a good idea and I want to say that it’s just another one of his plots, I really do, but I know better.

So why? Why did he save them after they bungled the job? Why not just hide and let Freya skin them alive? I don’t like it when Loki helps people, it makes me nervous. Yes, I wanted them involved… and now they are involved. The gods plan to send my little group on a quest just as I had planned. It’s like Loki’s little stunt has played right into my hands…

…and this troubles me.



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